Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Weight Watchers Wednesdays

week 1 (Wed. 3.9.07) ~~~~~~ Just getting started!
week 2 (Wed. 3.14.07) ~~~~~ - 3.4 lbs
week 3 (Wed. 3.21.07) ~~~~~ - 1.6 lbs
week 4 (Wed. 3.28.07) ~~~~~ - 2.4 lbs
week 5 (Wed. 4.4.07) ~~~~~ + 0.6
week 6 (Wed. 4-11-07) ~~~~~~ -0
week 7 (Wed. 4-18-07) ~~~~~~~ -3.2 lbs

total weight loss: -10 lbs

Woo Hoo! Go Me! Much of this week's weigh loss has been due to my drinking more water (a goal I set last week). But still... When I first started WeightWatchers, I received a little book mark. When I lost my first 5 lbs (by week 3), I received a little gold start for my bookmark. My first thought was, okay, this is really stupid. What is this - Kindergarten?

Today's gold star (for losing an additional 5 lbs) was different. You would've thought I'd won a damn Academy Award.

I still have a long way to go - and I'm sure there'll be times when the scale won't budge (or worse, when it'll creep up a bit) - but I'm encouraged.


Shionge said...

Whopee! I have faith in your and you sounded so motivated so way to go pal :D

Pirate said...

A little at a time makes it stay off. Eat right, walk and drink lots of water and expect this to be a life time committment and not a quick fix.

I'm a pro at it. Yepper been here before myself.

Elle*Bee said...

Thanks, shionge. Actually, seeing 10 lbs lost, instead of the usual 3 or 4, sort of renewed my determination.

Hi pirate. Dear Hubby and I have been eating a heart-healthy diet for years. My challenges are portion control (which is where WeightWatchers helps me, altho' it makes me grumpy), a sedentary lifestyle, water (which I just started drinking regularly), and the fact that my metabolism came to screeching halt when I hit 40. You're right about it being a life long committment. I can't go back to eating large portions, or stress-eating and expect to maintain my progress. Thanks for the encouragement.