Monday, April 09, 2007

Sandra Boynton

I don't know how many of you are familiar with the name, but you've probably seen Sandra Boynton's work on a coffee mug, stationery item, greeting card, etc. However, I had no idea she was a songwriter too.

My mother sent each of my boys a book, including music CD plus a plush animal for an Easter gift. I think I'm enjoying the CD's more than the kids. Most of the songs are completely goofy, but she gets very interesting people to record the songs. For example, Son #3 received "Dog Train." Artists include the Blues Travelers, The Bacon Bros. (yes, that's Kevin & his brother), Hootie & the Blowfish, a duet by - get this - actress Kate Winslet and Weird Al Yankovich (it's called "I Need A Nap"). Allison Krauss' song "Evermore" is beautiful.

My favorite track, however, is called "Tantrum" by the Spin Doctors. It will make its way onto my MP3 player as a workout song. Starts out pretty mellow (good for a warm up) but ends up totally rock 'n roll. A sampling of the lyrics includes:

I'm a wild child,
and I'm gonna make a scene.
Let me show you what I mean:
Now I'm down on the ground.
And I'm shaking my head.
And I'm kicking my feet.
And I'm pounding the floor.
Leave me alone.
Leave me alone.
Leave me alone....

The books/CDs are available through and I think through Sandra Boynton's website. However, my mother found the books and plush animals for $5 each at her local's Kohl's department store as part of their Kohl's Cares for Kids program.

If you click on the link to Boynton's site, you'll be able to see the playlists and listen to a brief snippet of each song. Funny, silly stuff for the young and young at heart.


On an unrelated note, I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. We certainly did. Holy Week kept us pretty busy with church activities, but not so busy that we didn't have time to reflect on the true meaning of Easter. Dear Hubby and I attended Easter Vigil Mass on Saturday evening (in Catholic speak, it's called "the looooonnnnnnnngggggg mass"). Dear Hubby did the incense at Mass while I helped the folks in our RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) program prepare to be received fully into the church. Those baptized in other faiths received the sacraments of communion and confirmation, and those previously unbaptized received all three sacraments of initiation: baptism, confirmation and communion. It's really a beautiful sight to behold.

Of course, we attended Mass again on Easter Sunday with the boys. It's too bad the church isn't always as crowded as it is at Easter. Not trying to be judgmental, mind you. We attended Easter dinner at my sister-in-law's house. Her husband barbecued the juiciest steaks. We each brought a side dish, appetizer or dessert. The sign of a good meal for this Italian clan? The number of folks dozing in front of the TV afterward!

The boys are off of school this week for spring break so I put them to work. They're helping with my spring cleaning. We'll squeeze in some fun, though, too.


Pirate said...

Its been many years since i did the long mass thing.

I will have to check out the Boynton website. The tantrum song sounds like me when i have had a hard day.

Shionge said...

Thanks for the info & update Elle, I've never heard of Sandra Boynton until now :)

Sue said...

We're big Sandra Boynton fans here too. We have the Philadelphia Chickens cd and book (along with lots of her other books - Snuggle Puppy, Pyjama Time, etc etc.) - very fun to read before bed.

Elle*Bee said...

pirate, I actually like the tantrum song. It really builds to a rocker vibe. If I wasn't paying attention to the lyrics, I probably would not realize it was written for kids. (It does remind me of my Son #3.)

You're welcome, shionge.

sue, Son #1 received Philadephia Chickens, but I haven't have the chance to listen to the CD yet. Son #2 received the one with the rhino on the cover, the name of which escapes me.

Deena said...

I love Sandra Boynton's cartoons and characters...but alas, my kids are too old for her CD/music...