Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Weight Watchers Wednesdays (& Other Stuff)

Okay, this isn't so good. I woke this morning, saw that it was rainy and gloomy, considered what it'd be like to attend a Weight Watchers weigh-in/meeting with three boys in tow (no school this week)...and decided to skip WW this week. Shame on me!

I did weigh myself on my bathroom scale, which is not as finely calibrated as WW's scale, and I seem to be at a plateau. Nothing lost, but nothing gain (I'm trying to be a "glass half full" gal). So here's my progress to date:

week 1 (Wed. 3.9.07) ~~~~~~ Just getting started!
week 2 (Wed. 3.14.07) ~~~~~ - 3.4 lbs
week 3 (Wed. 3.21.07) ~~~~~ - 1.6 lbs
week 4 (Wed. 3.28.07) ~~~~~ - 2.4 lbs
week 5 (Wed. 4.4.07) ~~~~~ + 0.6

week 6 (Wed. 4-11-07) ~~~~~~ -0

total weightloss: -6.8 lbs

This week I'm going to continue tracking my food intake, calculating my "points" and focusing on water, water, water. I've not been doing a good job with water lately. I personally would rather drink anything but. However, I think it's time I start to wean myself from the Diet Coke and replace it with something better for me.


Thanks, everyone, for indulging me in my Cat Eulogy yesterday. Can you stand one more Sebastian story? BehavenPapa mentioned in a comment on yesterday's post that he had a cat that was toilet-trained. How cool is that? I've heard of it before, and Sebastian might have been a good candidate had he not been so stubborn. After all, he has proven that he can perch in unusual places and do his business with hardly anyone knowing. So it really wouldn't be a stretch to switch to a toilet from ... a toaster!

Yes, he peed in my toaster. This was years ago, shortly after Dear Hubby and I were married. Perhaps Sebastian was acting out. You wouldn't know from looking at the outside of the toaster that anything was amiss, but pop a slice of bread in there and push the lever....

My smoking toaster became something along the lines of a weapon of mass destruction. Trust me when I tell you that there are few things worse-smelling in this world that the scent of cat urine being toasted to 250 degrees. Ask my neighbors - both next door and across the courtyard. The smell pretty much permeated the entire city block.

If you ever need to get rid of the smell of skunk, have I got a cure for you. Needless to say, Smoking Toaster of Death met an immediate demise in the dumpster - wrapped in 5 plastic bags. And speaking of demise, that was when Sebastian almost lost one of his nine lives.

Ah, the memories.


And since this post has already descended into the realm of poor taste, let me tell you how the rest of our evening went yesterday. An hour after our cat funeral (burial, eulogy, prayer), we washed up and went out to eat dinner in honor of my eldest brother-in-law's 50th birthday. He chose his favorite Italian restaurant and we were seated in a small, private dining room. Eight adults, four kids (three were mine). The room was pretty dimly lit, nice paintings. The kids were finished eating, the adults were about halfway finished their meals. I was cheating on my diet with a pretty decent Chicken Marsala, when all of a sudden, Son #1 calmly announces "there's a dead mouse under the table."

I thought he was either kidding or mistaken (most likely the latter, because he's a terrible kidder - he laughs too easily and gives the joke away). I was seated two spaces away from Son #1 so I walked to where he was, asked him to get up and I pulled his chair out from under the table. I still expected it to be a mistake. Perhaps a piece of black paper that was used to wrap the napkins or something like that (it was, as I mentioned, dimly lit).

I pull Son #1's chair away from the table. I'll spare the gory details, but yes, it was indeed a dead mouse and it looked to be there at least a day or two by my best estimation (I'm not a Rodent CSI, but I do know mice). ICK. Just ICK. I signalled for the waitress, she walks into our private dining room and said, "What can I get for you?" I suggested she step closer - I was trying to avoid saying it so loudly for the diners just outside our room to hear.

I tell her, "there seems to be a dead..." (insert waitress' bloodcurdling shriek here) I hadn't even told her what we found. "Dead" was all she needed to hear. Way to be subtle, lady! The manager comes over, handles the news a bit better, hurries off to get a broom and dust pan. Meanwhile, Dear Hubby's family continues chowing down. Nothing can kill an appetite with his clan.

First the manager offers cocktails, dessert (at which point my 5-year old was ready to sell us out for a piece of cake) - no thank you. Ultimately the manager ended up not charging for the meal, which in my opinion, was the appropriate thing to do.

I have three boys. I'm not easily fazed. But still, ICK.


Tracey said...

eeeewwwwwww.....Yeah. No more food please. But yes, free meal.


And the toaster? My cats haven't tried that one yet, but I wouldn't put it past them. Waiting impatiently for their time of demise... (sorry if that's inappropriate considering your recent loss!)

Sue said...

Ewwww ick...and LOL about the Mouse CSI. And 5 year olds will sell you out for a piece of cake.

My family probably would have kept on chowing too, with a few inappropriate jokes thrown in as well.

Elle*Bee said...

tracey, I do have to confess that the mouse incident salvaged my diet. And no offense taken about the cat remark.

sue, it was sort of funny. Like: "Ewww (takes a bite), a dead mouse (takes another bite), that's really (bites again) gross." And it's not that my sensibilities are that delicate, but ICK. I had pet mice as a kid and I usually find them to be rather cute. This one was more Stuart Little Meets Dawn of the Dead.

Shionge said...

Oh mine.....yes, good gesture to not charge you at all if such an incident happen here, the environmental agency will fine & charge the restaurant.

About your weight.....I'll continue to motivate you coz this way I stayed motivated too kekekek.....I don't take coke unless there is no choice and would go for diet coke but most of the day it is always water.

Besides food intake, do you run or walk? That will certainly help too. Good luck & stay fit always!

Elle*Bee said...

shionge, the local board of health would indeed fine the restaurant if they knew about the mouse. Thanks for the pep talk re: my diet. I love diet coke, but I'm trying to cut back and drink it only when we're dining out. I just don't enjoy water (yet). Perhaps it's an acquired taste. As for exercise, I'm not as active as I should be, but I do walk on the treadmill. It's easier to exercise at home since my 5 year old is with me all the time. We do try to walk around the neighborhood but with his short legs, it's had to maintain a decent pace. He starts kindergarten in August so perhaps I'll be able to venture out and do more.

A Woman Who is: said...

Oh, too funny of a story. My daughter and I are rolling with laughter. She just told me she almost levitated when she experienced a mouse in her cabin this weekend on their Youth Retreat!

Lala's world said...

ok laughing so hard I can barely see through the tears....ok hold on..... still laughing.....oh my side....ahhahahaha rotf

oh man! ok between the toaster and the waitress sceam you made my night!!!

no one believed us that our cat went pee on the toilet till they saw it! some cats are just smart...but the that just takes the cake or rather the toast!!

Elle*Bee said...

a woman..., I'm actually okay with live mice. I had mice as pets. But dead ones. Ewww. I still get the heebie-jeebies.

LOL, lala! For a while, he'd use my mother's large domed plant terrarium as a litter box (he'd squeeze through the small opening on top)until I planted cactii in there.

Deena said...

I won't grieve you with our cat stories...but we now have a dog, per my daughter's orders...she's our resident cat lover...

And as to the mouse...ICK!!

Nise' said...

First let me say I am so sorry about Sebastian. It is hard to lose a pet.

Second, I won't even tell you where my cats have peed. Its a wonder they are still alive.

Third, to make your water easier to drink mix 1/2 cup of cranberry juice (no sugar added and not cran/grape mix, etc) into 32 oz of water and drink. It gives it a bit of a sweet/tart taste and helps flush the system. I lost 1.5 lbs last week! I drank 2 a day. But I am a huge water drinker.

Fourth, dead mouse in eating establishment YUCK. I used to work in a restaurant, you don't even want to know!!!

Elle*Bee said...

deena, I've become a dog person in recent years (we have two), but Sebastian will always hold a special place in my heart.

nise', I'll have to try the water/cranberry. I can't always find "straight" cranberry juice at the store, but I'll keep looking. I just have to get acclimated to the bland taste.

I've never worked in a restaurant, but I worked in the corporate office for a fast food chain so I am familiar with the pest challenges they face. I wouldn't feel so - ICK! - perhaps if the mouse was freshly deceased (or even alive). I was more bothered by the fact that they apparently didn't sweep under the table for at least a day, probably two.

Congrats on your weightloss, by the way. I think increasing water is probably what I need to help me over the plateau.