Thursday, October 27, 2005

Me? A Room Mother? HA HA HA HA!

Okay, anyone who truly knows me will tell you that my intentions are good, but that I'm just too easily distracted. So of course it makes perfect sense that I sign up as Room Mother for my middle son Sam's 3rd grade class. Oy!

Actually, I didn't really sign up. And I'm not the sole Room Mother. I was more or less drafted by another mom. Her son is Sam's best buddy in class. Anyway, no one volunteered to be Room Mom so Sam's teacher enlisted another mom and gave my phone number as someone 'who might be interested in being a co-room mother.'

The mom who called me seemed so nice, plus her son and Sam are 'buds', AND she happens to have another son who is my oldest boy's could I say no? Neither one of us really has any idea what we've gotten ourselves into. Of course it's not about us - it's about the kids.

So it's too bad that I'm not the slightest bit 'domestic.' I am so going to suck at this. If you have any ideas/suggestions how I can be the Best Room Mother Ever, I'm all ears!


~d said...

You know, I keep trying to help out, and I send in newspaper and magazines the teacher asks for, and I gave her a GLOBE b/c she said she wanted one...but I am physically unable to HELP out b/c of the NO siblings rule. and yes, NO is capitalized. Both times I have seen it so far.
You go Room Mom!!

Elle*Bee said...

I'm sneaking the sibling in until they tell me to stop. My theory is that I was *recruited* so a little leeway would be nice. Of course, I'll try to find a (free) sitter when possible, but otherwise, the Z-man and travel as a team.

~d said...

I so totally got a NOTE that has the word NO in bold and big and capitals...NO siblings...
whatever. Their loss. More naptime for me!
I actually have a conference this afternoon...and I want to help as much as I can, I just cant that dig?

Elle*Bee said...

I know exactly what you mean. The NO SIBS on field trips rule is pretty well publicized, but this school has the sense not to make an issue of it for room mothers.