Thursday, November 03, 2005

My Kid Rocks!

There are times that it seems my precious Son 2, bless his heart, doesn't have a lick of common sense.

Me: "What were you thinking???!"
Him: "I wasn't (thinking)!"

Apparently, he does have quite a brain, though. (I really never doubted it.)

Yesterday, his teacher sent home a letter in a sealed enveloped. My first thought, uh oh - what did he do? (Isn't that terrible?) However, the letter was asking my permission to have him tested for the school's Gifted Program. Well, I'll be damned! He's always done well in school, but in the past he seemed happy to put forth the bare minimum effort - and yet he'd still get A's. I'm so proud of him, even if he doesn't meet the school district's criteria for the program.

However, Son 1 is feeling a little jealous, I think. Although we never consciously label our kids, they seem to have taken it upon themselves to assume certain roles. Son 2 will usually tell you he's sociable and athletic. Son 1 describes himself as smart (which he is - "A" honor roll) - but wait! Now Son 2 is smart too??? What's up with that?

I knew this day would come. Son 1 busts his butt to do well in school and it comes so easy for Son 2. It was only a matter of time before Son 1 (and others) noticed.

All those years when Son 1 got the extra help with his school work because of his challenges, Son 2 just quietly worked on his own. Not requiring extra assistance so really not getting any... He wasn't the child with special needs, nor is he the baby. He's the poor invisible middle child. It's his turn to shine now.


~d said...


Elle*Bee said...

Yeah, we'll have to see if he meets the criteria for the program. Either way, he's a smart cookie so I'm not going to let him slide (I may have underestimated him in the past.) :-O

Sugar said...

My DS experienced this when in kindergarten. He was tested then and determined to be borderline gifted. Years later he was invited to join a magnet program while in high school which he did. I know you're so proud!

Elle*Bee said...

Yes, I am proud of him. He's been such a self-sufficient little guy (the curse of being the middle kid) so it's great that he's being recognized - even if it drives his big brother nuts. :-)