Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Finally - Autumn!

...Or as close as we get in southeast Louisiana. No changing leaves, but today's high is supposed to be 60 degrees and it feels great! Yesterday was also cool. Breezy, too. I was completely unprepared as I walked Sam to the bus stop yesterday morning. I was wearing a short sleeved t-shirt, had wet hair, and was carrying a cup of Diet Coke. Oh well, at least Sam was better prepared. He was wearing a heavy sweatshirt.

I'm ready for the cooler weather. Those 90 degree days were getting pretty old. Unfortunately, I'm sure we'll have a few more of them before the end of the year. Who wants to be wearing shorts at Christmas time?? (Well, probably my northern buddies who, by then, may be tired of snow...)


Jules said...

Yes that would be me!! It was a high of 42 degrees here today and the sun was shining. What a nice change from cold damp and dreary days we've been having.

Elle*Bee said...

My mother is in the D.C. area - they've had wet, dreary weather, too. It was warmer today. Low 70's - I was disappointed. I hoped the 'cold spell' (ha ha) would last longer.