Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy 16th Birthday, Son #2!

Isn't he handsome?  Very sweet and polite, too.  If you're interesting in reading his birth story, click here.


What has he been up to in the past year?  Last year, on his 15th birthday, he took his first-ever airplane ride.  He, his dad, another man and a handful of Boy Scouts flew to New Mexico.  They enjoyed 12 days backpacking and hiking in the mountains at Philmont Scout Ranch. 
He was inducted in his school's National Honor Society this past spring.  Ironic for boy who doesn't like to read.
This year in Track and Field, he joined the pole vaulting team.  He also took his first helicopter ride in a Blackhawk with some JROTC folks.
Oh, and he passed his dad up so Son #2 is now the tallest person in our family. 
Today, he decided to forgo cake and have a sundae bar instead.  He'll unwrap presents later and probably go see a movie with friends.  Tomorrow we'll take him to dinner at his favorite restaurant (7th year in a row - but they're closed on Mondays).

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