Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happy 18th Birthday, Son #1!

Son #1 celebrated his 18th birthday today!  To read his birth story, click here.  

So what has he been up to in the past year?  He enjoyed a busy senior year in high school.  He had a very challenging course load (two dual-enrollment classes!), but managed to graduate with a 3.96 weighted GPA!

He was finally invited to attend the State Cross Country Meet as an alternate.  He didn't compete but was thrilled to attend.  He also attend the State Award.  He finally received a varsity letter in Cross Country and his 3rd varsity letter in Wrestling.

He was accepted to, and received scholarships from, several universities.  More on that in another post.

He attended his prom with a blind date (sort of) -- she was a friend of a friend.   He also joined the Powder Puff Spirit Team (the guys were the cheerleaders/dance team; the girls played flag football).  I'll try to post a video soon -- it was too funny!

He made Eagle Scout this year!

He had a blast on his class' senior trip to Disney.  He still isn't excited about driving (he's had his learner's permit for over two years).  He still loves reading, playing video games.  He's looking forward to college.

This seems like just yesterday:

Happy Birthday, Son!  I'm proud of you!

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