Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Re-entering the Workforce

I love being a stay-home mom, but since Son #3 started school last year, I find I have a little too much free time on my hands. It seems the more time I have, the less focus I have. It's so easy to nap my day away. (cue violins)

This morning, I was lounging around - okay, napping - when I received a call from an old college buddy who now has a small law practice. He's looking for part-time admin help. He already has someone for the afternoon, but she cannot seem to work in the morning, so we'll do a job-sharing.

So, I'll work from 9 am to noon on Monday through Friday. That will leave my afternoons free and I'll still be home to greet my boys after school. On days when the kids are out of school and I don't have alternate care, my oldest son is old enought to keep an eye on his younger brothers. Not a perfect situation, but for 3 hours in the morning, they'll be fine.

The pay would be about the same as if I substituted at the schools, but the work is steadier. I plan to save for the photo-refractive eye surgery (assuming I work up the courage). Beyond that, I'll put the money in our savings account and forget about it.

I start tomorrow. It's a pretty casual office, very relaxed atmosphere. Plus it will be nice to have recent work experience on my resume, rather than the 7+ year unemployment gap. I'm feeling a bit melancholy, but I keep reminding myself it's only 3 hours, it's only 3 hours.

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