Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's Nice How People Come Together

Sorry I haven't posted lately. Time just got away from me. I'm the room mom for Son #3's kindergarten class. Those of you that know me well can stop laughing now. I mean it. I respect the dickens out of them, but I never considered myself one of "those" moms.

I have a friend who is one of *those* moms. In fact I call her UberMom. We're like a crimefighing superhero duo: The Adventures of UberMom and SlackerMom. I'm the SlackerMom. It's not that I'm so much a slacker but rather distracted easily.

I'm a master planner, organizer and shopper. I, unfortunately, am not the one to make creative cookies to send to school (I can do basic cupcakes, though), nor can I seem to come up with a single creative idea. Fortunately there are some semi-UberMoms that I can rely on.

Case in point. The elementary school is hosting a spaghetti dinner and basket auction on Tuesday. Each class is supposed to create a theme basket that will be auctioned off that evening to raise funds to benefit the school. I suggested the gardening theme since there are all sorts of price points (even the most economically challenged families can donate something).

I prepared a letter for the parents in the class, suggesting items that might be included, inviting them to come with their own gardening-related items (they didn't have to stick to my list), or making a monetary donation if they didn't have the time or desire to pick out an item. My letter went home two weeks ago. The donated items were to be turned in to the teacher because she had the place to store them (sending a shovel home on the bus with Son #3 would be a very bad idea).

As of Friday, we collected one $15 donation and not one single item. Yikes! One out of 20 families responded. I sent a followup reminder email to the usual group of parents - you know the ones: the very small handful who are willing to help with everything? I love them!

The reminder worked because as of today we have $206 worth of merchandise and the list continues to grow (one mom is a master fundraiser and has been able to secure donations from companies - a task I'm not comfortable with). In fact, if our total value hits $300, we'll have to split it into two baskets. That's a very nice problem to have.

Anyway, this whole project has really kept me busy. Son #3's class is really blessed to have such wonderful parents (and a really great teacher).


Lala's world said...

so funny... so me!!! I am PAC Chair at our school and I feel like I am running with my head cut off half the time.... but we have some amazing women in our PAC that pull donations from rocks it seems!! thank goodness!! cuz half the time I lose the list and can't remember when the meetings are!!!

Sue said...

I'm a slacker mom too...except I'm so slack I don't get very involved..It sounds like you did a great job!

KAYLEE said...

//Fine, kaylee, how are you feeling these days?//

feeling very weak :( havent gone to school much :(

Shionge said...

Good to know that the parents are participating and hope all would turn out well Elle :D

Nadine said...

Good to hear from you.

John McElveen said...

Hiya elle- just wanted to say you are missed and to say hello and make sure everything was going OK!!
In His Service


Elle*Bee said...

Oh, lala, to serve as chair would be waaaayyyy out of my league!

sue, I haven't been involved much in the past, but as a stay-home mom whose youngest is at school all day, it's not like a have a good excuse *not* to be involved.

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, kaylee.

Thanks, shionge and nadine.

Hi john! Long time, no hear. I do still follow your blog...probably haven't had much to say lately so perhaps I haven't commented?