Friday, March 02, 2007

Disney - Thursday, Feb. 22 (Day 5)

Uh oh! Son #1 woke up sick this morning. After some time in the bathroom (ahem, I'm trying to avoid giving too much info), he said he felt much better so against my better judgment we took the bus to the Animal Kingdom theme park. Sons #2&3 and I went to "It's Tough To Be A Bug" - a 3D movie, while Son #1 and Dear Hubby waited on a bench. The fact that Son #1 - who normally operates at warp speed - was settling in for a nap on the bench told us it was time to go back to the hotel.

But that's okay. Our plans were flexible because we had built in a free day to shop, re-visit a favorite attraction, etc. We simply made Thursday our free day, and re-scheduled Animal Kingdom for Friday.

We went back to the hotel so Son #1 could rest. Quite a bit later, when he really was feeling better, we took the water taxi to Downtown Disney to do our shopping. I wanted to buy something for the folks who were looking after our pets while we were on vacation (a cute blue and white Mickey Mouse tea set for one for Amy, and a Jack Skellington baseball cap for Adam). Dear Hubby bought a baseball cap for himself and a set of Mickey Mouse ears for Son #3 which his name embroidered on the back (see above photo). I wanted a pair when I was little but for some reason didn't get them. I love that I have a kid young enough to appreciate them (a week later, he's still wearing them). I thought Sons #1&2 were too old for mouse ears (they're 11 and 9, respectively), but they decided that they wanted a set too so I relented. I didn't spend as much on theirs since they're not personalized.
For myself, I picked out this little canvas messenger-type bag with the Mickey Mouse crest on it - I thought it would be perfect for chaperoning field trips, once compartment for the camera, another for a few necessities, but not too big.

Son #3 fell in love with some Star Wars toys at the MGM gift shop and I was happy to find the same stuff in a Downtown Disney shop. Sons #1&2 spent their money at the Lego Store. Son #2 bought a Bionicle that hasn't been released to the regular retail stores yet. He also bought a Star Wars Lego set. (A Downtown Disney employee told me that almost anything we'd see at the theme park gift shops can be found at Downtown Disney. Good info to know if any of you are planning a trip.)

Check out the T-Rex made completely of Lego building bricks, and thankfully glued together:

Son #1 opted to spend his money on some custom Lego items. There was one station where you could build three Lego people (one head, one torso which includes arms, one set of legs, and one accessory - either hair, hat, tool, weapon). When you're finished, you put your three people on a little Lego strip and tuck them in a plastic pouch hanging on a lanyard. It was a little expensive, but Son #1 made a Boy Scout version on himself (the face even had glasses).

Next up was the custom Lego set. You choose a cup (approx. $6.95 for small, $12.95 for large) and fill it with as many pieces as you can fit, selecting from bins on the wall. The selection was great, and it afforded Son #1 the opportunity to get some harder-to-find pieces that he might not have gotten with his numerous collections.

Here's a photo of Son #2 with a statue of Buzz Lightyear. We have an expression in our house. When we saying someone is "pushing our buttons," it means they are annoying us. Here he's demonstrating that he, indeed, knows how to push buttons (mostly Son #3's).

After we finished shopping, we returned to the hotel, ate dinner, and called it a day.

Dear Hubby was feeling better so he went to work today. Son #3 and I went to the recreation district park to register Son #2 for baseball, and discovered that Son #3 is old enough to play T-ball this year. Registration deadline is Tuesday so we have time to decide. Next, we stopped at Baskin Robbins for an ice cream cone, then Lowe's to buy a gift card for my brother-in-law's birthday, picked up lunch, then home to tidy up the house.

So far - knock wood - I've avoided the cooties that have otherwise invaded the household. I've been feeling just a tad less than my usual self, but that's it. This weekend we'll celebrate my birthday and


Tracey said...

We are so TOTALLY hitting downtown Disney for the Lego thing. But I think there is a local mall in Chicagoland that has a Lego store, now that I think of it...

Just Being Me said...

Lego T-Rex really cool. What fun the wall of Lego pieces you can choose from. My son would have loved that when he was younger.

Lala's world said...

I just love this play by play! I am so getting an idea of what it is like there! the lego store sounds amazing!
hope you keep the bugs at bay!

Elle*Bee said...

Tracey, I thought your son would love the Lego store! We don't have one near us, so this is the first time I've seen one, altho' I know you can order individual pieces from their website.

JBM, there was also this cool Loch Ness-type creature built with Legos right in the water, but the photo didn't come out well enough to post.

lala, glad you're enjoying it. I'm actually enjoying re-living it!

Cherrye said...

ahhh, I worked at WDW for several years - your pics make me miss it....they are great - I am glad ya'll had a good time.