Thursday, March 15, 2007

Busy and Scattered

That pretty much sums up my mind this week. I've been keeping busy running errands during the day. Most evenings have been consumed with outside activities. And when I do have time to blog, my mind is so scattered* that I can't seem to form a coherent thought. Nevertheless, I shall try....

This week, I've been on a "quest." You know how it is when you're looking to buy something and you have the perfect thing in mind....but you've never actually seen said item in any store, catalog, website? Yeah, that's a quest. Anyway, I have an eat-in kitchen that has a small nook (approx. 58 inches wide and 27 inches deep) which currently houses my inexpensive computer armoire. The advantage of the armoire: it hides clutter. The disadvantage of the armoire: I think it actually encourages more clutter. Seriously, if we don't know where to put something, someone just tosses it into the armoire, which makes getting to my computer difficult. I'm not a fan of clutter, but I'm a pretty big contributer.

Anyway, the armoire is starting to look icky so I thought it might be nice to replace it with a desk. Of course, I'll need decorative storage boxes and trays for all the stuff we really do want to keep, but that's a quest for another day. Oh, and I'll splurge on a flat screen monitor for my p.c. But back to the desk idea....(see, I told you my brain is scattered this week). Every one I've liked is either 48" (which would leave a 10" gap of wasted space) or 60" (too wide). So I went to Lowe's on Monday to see what it would cost to create a built-in unit - we could match the drawers to my oak cabinets and the desktop surface could be matched to my kitchen countertops. Advantage: it would fit the space perfectly since it would be custom installed. Disadvantage: it lacks pizzazz. (Aside from Lowe's, on Monday evening, I took Son #2 to baseball evaluations an ended up working the registration table.)

On Tuesday, I stop by the furniture store (no, not the same one that was responsible for the sofa fiasco). Nothing on the showroom floor appealed to me so I looked through the books. Voila! There is was: a 56"X27" deep computer desk (keyboard drawer, CPU cabinet). It's black with a cherry top so it should coordinate nicely with my dining set (also black & cherry - although it looks like oak). A little pricey, but not outside my budget. I tell the salesguy I need to discuss it with Dear Hubby (who could not care less) so Sales Guy gives me the company's website so I could send the link to Dear Hubby and he can view pictures. That afternoon at home, I couldn't find this particular line on the furniture manufacturer's website. I just knew the line had been discontinued. I call Sales Guy who left a message for the company's rep and said he'd get back to me. (Tuesday evening, I volunteer with a ministry at our church.)

Wednesday. Weight Watchers meeting. I lost 3.4 lbs. Lunch with my friends, Sandie and Dee. I probably gained 5 lbs. (kidding.) Sales Guy calls my cell phone and tells me that yes, the line has been discontinued. Sigh... A little while later, he leaves a message on my cell phone telling me that the manufacturer's rep called back and that, although discontinued, there are a few desks left. After lunch, I go back to the furniture store to place my order and put down my deposit. I'm not going to get excited until I get the call that the desk has arrived. (Wednesday night, I teach 4th grade religion at the church, plus Dear Hubby and I had another meeting at the church afterwards.)

Today, Thursday, was grocery day. I hate grocery shopping. I go every other Thursday on Dear Hubby's payday. Either tonight or tomorrow afternoon, I'll have to bring Son #1 to the grocery store. He'll meet another Boy Scout there and together they'll shop for this weekend's camping trip. (One of the scout advancement requirements is that each boy needs to plan a menu for a campout, buy the food and prepare one meal. Son #1 is working on this.) He and Dear Hubby will go camping Saturday. Also, both dogs are going to the vet tomorrow for their annual checkups/shots. Sons #1 & 2 do not have school tomorrow because it is the end of the grading period.

Oh, something fun on Friday night: Dear Hubby, Son #1 and I are attending our District PTA Awards Dinner at which Son #1 will receive an Award of Excellence for a PTA-sponsored essay contest! His essay advanced on to the state level where he won an Award of Merit (one step lower than an Award of Excellence, but still awesome!). We're invited to that Awards Banquet as well, but it's about a 2.5 hour drive in May and I'm not sure we'll attend. They'll mail his award if we don't.

* regarding my scattered mind, I am an adult (well, that's debatable) with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (that part is not debatable).


Sue said...

Hooray for son #1!

And I hear you on the scattered. It must be something about the middle of March - everything's just not going as well as it should!

Lala's world said...

wow congrats to your son that is a job well done! and I hope you get your cabinet it sounds perfect!

thanks for all your kind words too i sure have needed some cheering up lately!

Nadine said...

Congratulations to Son #1 that's great to place like that. You must be so proud. Learning to cook a meal is great...I hope he has fun on his camp out.

I hope all works out with the desk. You have a great day.