Monday, February 12, 2007

Random Thoughts...

Hello, Readers! Have you met Tracey? I bet you have, since we share the same readers. She has a cool mom-centric blog (click on her name to visit her blog). She posted some pix of her kids and I commented that her son with the glasses resembles my Son#1. Even though Son #1 is 11.5 years old, he's small for his age and looks younger. Even their glasses are similar. Tracey, if you're reading this, take a look at my handsome fellow.

To Flip Flop Mamma, who also has a cool blog, this is for you. You commented a couple of posts ago that "Ok, I do not think Llama's are cute!!" Take another look below. How could you NOT love those eyelashes?? (Just a little gentle ribbing FFM, it's okay that you like the camels better! I just needed an excuse to post this one last picture from our outing.)

Now, to Ashley, who just recently posted a comment on my blog. Whenever I someone visits my blog, I return the courtesy and take a peek at theirs (and more often than not, I become a regular reader). Today I visited your blog. Um. Wow. I'm not sure I'm your target audience, given that I'm old enough to be your mother. I mean, legitimately, to be your mother. Dear Hubby and I were married 17 years ago, after a 3 year engagement (we were both in our early to mid-20's). Had we married earlier and started our family earlier, we could easily have a child your age (17). Am I surprised by the postings on your blog? Actually, no. Not much surprises me.

Some folks on your blog have theorized that your postings are a hoax. Perhaps they are. Wouldn't it be interesting to learn that a 12 year old geeky boy assumed the fake persona of "Ashley," created an elaborate internet hoax and got the most Blogger comments ever!!!! I, however, tend to give people the benefit of the doubt for this reason alone: it takes me less than a minute to read a lengthy post, probably a minute and a half to draft a comment, and another another minute to say a sincere, earnest prayer. I figure I can afford to spare three minutes out of my oh-so-glamorous life (ha ha!) for you.

So for now, I'm voting that you're real. I hope you'll be able to use your blogs to work through your self-esteem issues. You seem to be bright, witty and kind, based on your writing, as well as your very well restained comments to the derisive comments on your blog. There's a difference between stupid (you aren't) and foolish (okay, hard to argue against that). I'll make a deal with you. I won't be condescending and judgmental if you at least listen to what I have to say without writing me off as an old fogey. Deal? As one snake to another (Chinese zodiac)? Although my marriage isn't perfect, it's damn good. If nothing else, I hope you might read my blog and come away with the feeling that "Wow. I want that. I deserve that." And I hope you find the strength to stand up for yourself in all of your relationships, recognize your worth and say, "ENOUGH!"

Lastly, why do I blog? Hmmmm..... I enjoy bragging about my family. I also enjoy telling stories that I might otherwise tell my gal pals if they were not so busy with their own lives. I also enjoy reading other people's perspectives. I'm lucky to have found other like-minded women who, although we may not share the same religions, we at least share the same faith in our Lord, and our love for our families. So to Sue, Tracey, Nadine, Flip Flop Mamma, Nicole, Anna, Jules, ~d, Jen, Ms. Big Dubya, Nikki, Les and That Chick Over There, and my non-blogging buds (Debbie, Lisa, Renee and Mom), you're the reason that I blog.



Tracey said...

WOW! That is so weird!! I just called Justin in here and asked him the same question "Do you remember when we took this picture?" And he said no, too! I had to tell him it was somebody else. He was amazed as well! VERY weird. Now, Justin is spiking his hair lately, and it looks really cool. But with his hair down, they could be twins. We need to check our family lines, or something.

Just Being Me said...

What lovely sentiments. Your son is really cute - I love the glasses!

I think llamas are cute - well at least the baby ones. :)

I've been enjoying reading your blog and getting to know a little about you and your lovely family through your posts. Thank you for sharing and for visiting mine. You always say very encouraging and nice things - it's much appreciated.

Sue said...

Elle, that's so sweet! And your son is adorable!

PS. Hope you all are ok after the storms that went through N.O. last night!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I do have to admit that Llama pic is adorable! It looks like she was posing! LOL.

And I do think you and Tracey's son resemble each other a little!

And I totally agree about Ashley, If she's not real, then what have I wasted? And if she is real, then it's so important to give her an encouraging word.

Elle*Bee said...

Tracey, that is too funny! All of my kids look their father so we someday should compare your genealogy to his!

JBM, thanks for the compliment, he is a cutie. The llama in the picture on this blog is full grown. I still think she's a cutie. I get a kick out of the long eyelashes. I'm glad you're enjoying my blog - I like visiting yours, too.

Thanks, sue, we're fine. We live across a lake from the N.O. suburbs (about 40-45 miles from downtown). They were hit really hard - there are reports of a tornado. We had a lot of lightning and some heavy showers, but today it's just beautiful outside. Warm, sunny and not a cloud. What a difference 10 hours make.

flip flop mamma, somehow I had missed your post about Ashley on your blog. I must have read yours before you posted it and when I came back the next day, there was a newer post. I did go back and read yours and I liked yours and FM's comments on her blog. She's gotten a lot of good advice. Let's hope she heeds it.

Ashley said...

Umm...I'm real I think. I think they look almost exactly alike...except different.

Ashley said...

Oh and thank you so much, I want people like you to comment. Thats kind of why I am doing this even if it is pathetic...I need people to talk to about this.

Lala's world said...

Your son is so cute! and yikes at the creature!

so glad that you blog cuz I really enjoying reading about you and your family and your perspectives!

Elle*Bee said...

That's as valid a reason as any for blogging, ashley, and it's great that you're open to hearing other people's perspectives.

Thanks for the compliment, lala!

Elle*Bee said...

Okay, I found a quirk w/ the new blogger. There were 4 comments today for me to moderate: lala's, two from ashley, and one from sue. I selected "publish all" but sue's isn' not appearing. hmmmmm...

sue, don't think I rejected your comment, okay? Maybe it'll show up later?

Elle*Bee said...

Okay, I'm getting annoyed. First Sue's comment won't appear, and now Jen's. GRRRRRR~! It's there when I look for the comments I need to moderate, but when I select 'publish' they disappear. Bummer!

I'll be vacationing next week. I'll probably turn off comment moderation when I return since it doesn't look like any meanies (well, one in particular) will be stopping by my blog.