Monday, February 05, 2007

Hooray Indianapolis Colts!

Okay, I'll be the first to tell you that I don't follow football much. Not since Joe Montana retired anyway. I pretty much watch the Superbowl for the commercial - except this year, because the USA channel was running a marathon of one of my favorite TV shows, Monk - but I digress.

I was rooting for the Colts for two reasons, one of them not so nice, I'm afraid. First, I am a New Orleans Saints fan, having been born in New Orleans and raised in its 'burbs. The Saints had a great season, don't you think? Well, if they couldn't make it to Superbowl, at least New Orleans-born Peyton Manning did. There are other Colts who have ties to New Orleans, too. So WOO-HOO, Peyton Manning!

The other reason is that I would've rooted for any team BUT the Chicago Bears. I really don't have anything against the Bears, but some of their fans were horribly rude to the Saints fans that visited their city a few weeks ago for the NFC Championship game. It's been on our local news channels and in our papers ad nauseum - I won't go into details here. I know that not all Chicago citizens are rude and hostile, but the not-so-silent minority certainly did their share to tarnish their city's reputation. (I know, I know. Like I should talk: look at the reputation of the City of New Orleans.)

I understand sports rivalry, and I get talking smack. But when you can't stick to the topic at hand (which football team is best), and have to resort to making fun of a natural disaster, that's just plain wrong. (Did any of you see the sign "Bears Finishing What Katrina Started"? There's a photo of the Chicago Tribune blog, along with some interesting comments, both pro and con. If you're interested, click here.

I know New Orleans fans aren't perfect - there was the idiotic woman with the t-shirt that said "(expletive) the Bears" that made it on TV. Yikes! But by and large, the security and management at our stadium, the Superdome, tend not to look the other way when someone is being very offensive. New Orleans may not being doing many things right these days, but at least it's relatively safe for both teams fans to enjoy a game.

And to the folks who think we (or I, specifically) are being overly sensitive, thank you. I'd much rather be overly sensitive than utterly insensitive. (End of rant.)


Lala's world said...

my hubby is a Bear's fan, I don't like sports! just the summer olympics! but that is nuts the comment about Katrina, like going way over being politically incorrect to down right wrong and rude!!! so smack it up I completely understand!

Nicole said...

That is over the line to say the least. I haven't seen that sign , but that makes me mad!! I agree, smack is one thing, but that is in a league of its own!

Elle*Bee said...

lala, I actually enjoyed the season that Mike Ditka coached the Saints - the team didn't play well, but he had loads of personality!

Just Being Me said...

I don't know why people comment about things other than the game like Katrina. Makes no sense. As much sense as when actors making acceptance speeches at the Oscars making political statements - but now I digress.

Chicky Pea said...

I wanted the Saints too. I was very disappointed that they didn't make it.

Elle*Bee said...

just being me, that's my point exactly! I mean we can take ribbing just as well as the next person, but would the same person hold up a sign at a Redskins or Giants game that says "Bears finishing what terrorists started"? I would hope not.

chicky pea, we were disappointed, too, but they had a really great season. For the first time in year (maybe ever?), they really came together as a team, graciously accepted responsibility for the good and the bad. There's no reason to think the momentum can't carry over to next season!