Friday, December 15, 2006

More Christmas Spirit

Here are some more photos of our ornament collection. Below are some lovely glass bird ornaments. Son #1 has a fascination with peacock feathers so that ornament is his. I liked it so much that my mother sent one to me as well, but it's not visible in the photo. The little gold bird with the purple feather tail is Son #3's from last year. The ornament in the bottom left corner of the photo is a bird in a nest.

The below photo isn't great, but it's of three glass pink pig ornaments. The ones on the right and left belong to Son #2 (aside from Betty Boop, he loves pink pigs). The one in the center has wings. That one is mine, since I have a thing for flying pigs. As you can probably guess, this is pretty much the only pink we have in our house.

These are the Hallmark photo ornaments from a couple of years ago. Although you cannot see the photographs well, the one of the left is of Son #3 when he was 2. The one in the center is Son #2's First Communion photo. The one of the right is of all three of my sons. All the photos were take taken two years ago.

Tomorrow I'll post more pix, including a full length view of the tree (requested via email by a non-blogging reader/friend of mine).


Sue said...

I love the flying pink pig! Sounds like a great Christmas tree (and maybe time for some updated photo ornaments??) : )

Anonymous said...

Man, I think we need to start an ornament a year thing! i like that idea!

Elle*Bee said...

sue, I have a small blown glass flying pig on my fireplace mantle and a cast iron one near my fireplace. My kids are pretty used to hearing "when pigs fly" from me (it beats "when h$%# freezes over", in my opinion).

flip flop mamma, the only potential drawback is that you end up with a very eclectic mix - like mine. Somewhere on the tree is a little soccer player ornament from when Son #1 played years ago. Plus, as I mentioned in yesterday's post, my mother and I can't seem to limit ourselves to one per kid, per year. (It's nice to have you back and blogging, BTW.)

Lala's world said...

oh I love the pigs! how cute...and unique! just like you!!!

Elle*Bee said...

Thank you, lala!