Thursday, December 14, 2006

Getting Into the Christmas Spirit

I'm borrowing an idea from Lala (you can visit her blog by clicking on the title: Insight to Lala's World). I'm posting some photos of the special ornaments that adorn our artificial 9.5 foot slim Christmas tree.

My ornaments are clustered by 'theme' on the tree. Over all, it's a hodge-podge of collections. We try to buy one special ornament each year for the boys that commemorate their activities, interests, etc. Unfortunately, my mother and I can't seem to stick to the one ornament "rule". :-)

The ornaments above are part of our collection of White House ornaments. My mother has been sending them each year for about six years now.

It's hard to see the top ornament in the above photo. It's Dear Hubby's policeman bell ornament. He was a police officer from 1992-1999 - a job he loved. The other ornament is mine. No, I'm not a convict. Some of you might recognize it as the Hamburglar from McDonald's. I worked as a secretary in their regional office a few years back.

One year I had the opportunity to don the Hamburglar suit (the fiberglass head stunk!) and accompany Ronald McDonald himself on a tour. We visited one of the local McDonald's restaurants, before visiting the local Ronald McDonald House (it's where the families of sick children can stay while their ill loved one is receiving medical treatment at a local hospital). Afterward, we visited the kids at Children's Hospital. Something as simple as two idiots in costume brought a lot of smiles to kids and adults alike. Despite the heat (it was 85 degrees that day) and the smell, it really was a fun day. It was also a nice McMemory.

The ornaments above belong to Son #2. When he was very young - 2 or so - he developed a 'crush' on Betty Boop, or "Miss Boop" as he called her (he's quite the gentleman). My mother-in-law had a little Betty Boop doll that Son #2 would carry around when he visited her house. His uncles were mortified. Their nephew with a doll - the horror!!! Betty Boop mysteriously vanished, never to be seen again. Gee, I wonder who was behind that? (you can't hear the sarcasm in my voice, but it's there) My mother got even by sending Son #2 another Betty Boop - ahem - action figure, which he still has. He drinks his cocoa from a Boop mug, and yes, has a few Boop ornaments.

I'll post more pix soon!


Lala's world said...

oh awesome! glad you did this! it is fun getting a peak into what our tastes are and I love all the stories behind the ornaments too!
love Betty Boop that is too funny!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is sooo funny about the Boop fetish! LOLOLOL!

Sue said...

Too cute with the Betty Boop and your son!

I never understood why people would buy boxes of similar ornaments...ours are all from vacations/trips we've taken, or commemorative ones (ie. first Christmas together -thank the in-laws for those, or baby's first Christmas). It's fun to remember when and where each ornament was purchased.

Can't wait to see more!

Elle*Bee said...

Thanks for commenting, ladies! I'll have more pix to post (it's a pretty big tree). I have to say that I think the single theme trees - like the ones you see in hotel lobbies, department stores, etc. - are beautiful, but *our* tree tells a story. Okay, many stories.... This was the first year that I clustered the ornaments together by theme. I would estimate that only about 60% of our collection has made it onto the tree.