Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Wishes!

It's 1:00 on Wednesday. Thanksgiving Eve, if you will. I've just finished cooking for tomorrow. As I mentioned in my previous post, my father-in-law will cook a turkey and ham and we "kids" bring side dishes and desserts.

My herbed bread stuffing game out very well. My cornbread stuffing - embellished with pear, walnuts and cranberries - is okay, but not as tasty as I hoped. Turns out the pears lost their flavor in the cooking process. Go figure. I'm not stressing about it, though, since I make it primarily for my brother-in-law who's allergic to poultry and therefore, cannot have my herbed bread stuffing which is made with chicken broth. He might be eating my cornbread stuffing just to be polite, for all I know.

My green bean casserole came out very well, if I do say so myself (it's pretty hard to screw that up).

Tonight we've been invited to a little get together at the church before the prayer service. Tomorrow morning there's a Mass at 9 am so I'll go to that too. After I get home, I'll start heating my stuff in the oven then bring it to my father-in-law's house (4 blocks away).

Lots to be thankful for this year (a partial list, in no particular order):
1) Family
2) Friends
3) Church
4) Health
5) an uneventful hurricane season

Hope you and yours have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Lala's world said...

have a great thanksgiving! hmmmm LOVE me a good turkey dinner and stuffing!

Sue said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

When should we be there tomorrow for the leftovers?

Elle*Bee said...

lala, turkey and stuffing are my favorites, too.

sue, feel free to stop by for lunch. Not only do I have some of my stuff left over, I was able to grab some of turkey (leftover turkey is rare in Dear Hubby's family), plus a sampling of all the side dishes his siblings brought. Best of all, Dear Hubby is taking all three kids camping tomorrow morning so it'll be just me & a fridge full of food. :-)