Monday, November 13, 2006

So What's Next?

I don't know what made me consider this, but here it goes:

My 20's - I partied my way through college, got engaged to be married, graduated from college, got married, began my pretty-much-nonexistent career, moved to the Washington DC area, bought a home, and started college (again). Not too shabby.

My 30's - I became a mom twice, finished my master's degree, sold my home in Virginia, moved back to Louisiana, bought another home, became a mom again, and quit amy going-nowhere career. All in all, a very good decade.

So what will my 40's hold? (For those who know me personally: Oh, hush!)


Sue said...

Ummm - Happy Birthday??!

And the 40's will bring you lots of fun with your kids, and husband, and....ok, I'm reaching here. Another 14 months I'll be in your shoes. Let me know how it goes, ok??

Lala's world said...

is your Birthday coming?

40's well I don't know but having fun and the life experience to know to enjoy it should be good!

Elle*Bee said...

No, my birthday isn't until Feb. I just started thinking about my direction (or lack thereof - LOL) in life.

Um, sue, I have to confess to wearing those shoes for a little while now. (hence the 'hush' to those who know me personally.) It just didn't really hit me until recently.