Tuesday, September 05, 2006


It was an uneventful weekend, once we found out my father-in-law is "out of the woods" (at least for the time being). The doctor put in another stent yesterday. If this works, he won't need coronary bypass surgery. He does, however, have to return in a month to have the blockages in his legs worked on. Not sure how they treat that.

In other news, our household is mourning the passing of Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter. Son #1 especially enjoyed his TV show and specials. I suppose it's a small consolation that he died doing something he loved (although I'm not sure whether his family and friends would take comfort in that).

It's the Tuesday after Labor Day. The older two boys have been back in school for two weeks already. Things will start gearing up for us now: Cub Scouts for Son #2 (Dear Hubby is Cub Master this year). Baseball is just starting for Son #2, Boy Scouts for Son #1. The RCIA program for which I volunteer at my church begins again meeting tonight. Religion classes for Son #1 and #2 start next week. As a stay home mom, my days are pretty open - it's the evenings that keep us hopping!


~d said...

I heard a rumor that your husband is having lunch with the husband tomorrow.
**it was good to chat with you online the other day.

Elle*Bee said...

Yes, I think I heard something about that, too. :-)

Sue said...

That's good to hear about your father in law!

One of the reasons C is going to Catholic school is so we don't have to do the religious education on the weekends...which are taken up by swimming lessons and other things. Why is there never enough time in the day to get everything done??

Anonymous said...

Well, as much of a little-fixer-upper as you are, I'll bet you find plenty to do during the day!

So sad for Steve Irwins family.

Good news about your FIL...that stuff is sooo scary.

Elle*Bee said...

sue, unfortunately the expense is the primary reason why my boys aren't in Catholic school. Ironically, I had a msg on my answering machine yesterday asking whether I'd consider teaching the 6th grade CCD class (Son #1's) b/c apparently the person lined up to teach backed out. I'm mulling it over. (Glad I wasn't home when she called - I'm such a softie.)

thanks, flip flop mamma! We're relieved that F-I-L is doing better.

Lala's world said...

ya we were sad to hear about Steve Irwin as well.......we were surprised that we were shocked but in his line of work I don't think we should have been!