Wednesday, September 20, 2006

5 Unusual Facts About Me

I've been tagged by Lala! (Click here to view her blog: Insight into Lala's World) Her meme is called "Five Weird Things About Me" but I don't know that I'm interesting enough to come up with anything truly weird. (I'm pretty "white bread", y' know?) But here we go:

1) I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. This is a problem for me because, let's face it, at my age, I'm probably more than halfway through my life expectancy. I better get a move on! Seriously, if I could have any job/career in the world right now - forget the fact that I lack the skills - I think I would like to be in construction. (This is an improvement from the days when I wanted to be an actress. I'm talking a hundred years ago.)

About the construction job. I don't necessarily want to the be the one on the roof baking in the hot sun pouring my blood, sweat and tears (wait - contruction folk don't cry, do they?) into building a beautiful home - that I can't afford - only to have some snooty rich people enjoy the fruits of my labor. But I would love to know how to do electrical wiring, plumbing, etc., buy a home, fix it up, sell it and move on to the next.

2) I'm a bit obsessive-compulsive. This is *not* an official diagnosis, mind you. But there are times when I'm working on something and I have such an overwhelming need for "closure" that I really can't focus on anything else. This is - in part - why I drive Dear Hubby nuts. He also secretly thinks it's one of my better traits. I tend to finish what I'm working on before he even has to get involved. It's disorienting to him at times. He's returned home from work on more than one occasion to find entire rooms a different color than when he left in the morning.

3) People think I'm "organized" and "efficient." Which I am. In part because of item #2 above. In part because of the ADHD (being organized is a management tool in coping with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). I know these folks mean it as a compliment, but please DON'T call me organized or efficient. I HATE it!!! Really, does anything sound more ... boring? For one day, I'd like to be the flighty, artistic type.

4) I have 3 sons. I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything by not having a daughter. I've never wished for one. To those of you that have them (hi, Mom), that's great. I think I prefer boys because I was pretty much a girly-girl growing up, so this whole 'snips and snails and puppy dog tails' was - and sometimes still is - pretty foreign to me. They're an adventure.

5) I'm borrowing this one from Lala, because it's so completely me too. (Either we're both weird, girlfriend, or it's not as odd as we thought.) If I have multiple foods on my plate, I eat them one at a time. For example, I'll eat every single pea before I take a single bite of mashed potatoes (except I won't eat the peas that have touched the mashed potatoes and vice versa). I start from least favorite, saving the best for last. I really need to switch that. I'd probably eat less and maybe lose the weight that's annoying me. And if it's a food item that's supposed to be mixed - say a vegetable medley - I'll eat all of one type of veggie before moving on to the next. I've never thought about the reason why. I just gotta be me! :-)

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Lala's world said...

that was great! see you can do it!!

I think I have a bit of #2 too. kind of like an addictive personality type of thing! when I am doing something I give it my all....I dream it think it smell it....whatever the "it" is, it takes over! ie this is with puzzles, blogging! :-)

Sue said...

Ohh good ones! Now I'm going to have to think about what's unusual about me....

Anonymous said...

Construction? Yuck! You're fingernails will get all dirty, and you'd have to keep them short all the might get acne from all the sweat (even electricians get sweaty) and plus you'd gain a ton of weight (hey, in the movies, they're all big, ok?) and eventually, when you'd bend over, your coinslot would show!! As pretty as you one wants to see the coinslot!!!

Did all my girliness just come out in this comment or what??

Elle*Bee said...

sue, I'll be looking forward to yours!

LOL at flip flop mamma, yes, your girliness is showing. To address your concerns: my mid-length fingernails get dirty all the time, esp. while gardening. I know how to clean them (perhaps the men don't bother). Re: Acne. Pond's Fresh Face wipes. Love them.

I'd probably *lose* weight since I won't be sitting around on my butt and snacking all the time. As for the coin-slot, well, that could be a problem. I'll shop for long t-shirts.

Maybe I'll be the female equivalent of Lucky Vanous - do you remember him? He's the construction guy from the Diet Coke commercials a few years back... hubba hubba.