Saturday, April 30, 2016

Son #2 Update

Son #2 was in 3rd grade when I started this blog.  This is his senior photo (Class of 2015):

Because he took some dual-enrollment credits in high school (thus earning college credit), he already had approximately a semester's worth of college credits when he graduated high school last May.  His university offered the opportunity for him to take up to 6 credit hours tuition-free in the summer, which he did.  By the end of his fall semester, he was a sophomore.

He has been accepting in the school's nursing program (he'll earn a BSN) and if all goes well, he'll finish college/nursing school in 3 and a half years.  My wallet is happy about that.

He is a licensed Emergency Medical Technician but is not working as one since he's a full-time student.  He's not sure what he plans to do when he gets out of college.  Right now, he's drawn to EMT/paramedic stuff, but nursing school will give him exposure to other medical careers.

He and I have a standing appointment every two weeks to have lunch and go grocery shopping.  I wouldn't go so far as to say he's a Mama's Boy...more like he's easily bribed (food is a big motivator) to help me with a chore I despise.   I do enjoy the time together.

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Lala's world said...

Hello there! thank you for the recent comment on my blog!! yes it has been a LONG time!! I have been so bad at keeping up on my blog this year.. and previous years lol ! I mostly keep my Facebook page up to date!

so great to see what you are up too!! can you believe how fast time flies?!?!