Friday, April 29, 2016

Son #1 Update

Because it's been a while since I posted, I thought I'd provide a little update as to what Son #1 has been up to.

He's 20 now and a junior in college.  He's doing great!  His seizures have been well managed over the past four years.  He's majoring in forensic anthropology and plays on his university's intramural, co-ed Quidditch team.  For those of you unfamiliar with Quidditch, it's a sport featured in the "Harry Potter" books/movies.  For those of you familiar with Harry Potter's Quidditch and wondering how in world it can be played by muggles (real folks), then check out this compilation video:

(That's Son#1 wearing black and yellow in the opening photo.  He's refereeing.)

This summer he'll have an internship at a police department crime lab. It's amazing to me that he was just 10 when I started this blog.  I'm sure he'd hate my disclosing this but he had his first real girlfriend and his first big heartbreak last year.  He spent a couple of days on the sofa bingeing on freeze pops, then shook himself off and carried on.

Since I didn't post much during his high school years, I'll mention that he excelled academically and had a great time on his cross country and wrestling teams (ultimately earned a varsity letter in both). Proud of this guy!

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