Saturday, November 24, 2012

What Was I Thinking?????

File this under "What was I thinking???"  Our slim 9 ft pre-lit Christmas tree is 8+ years old and certain patches are no longer pre-lit. I replaced bulbs (even though it's the one out, the rest remain lit type). I replaced fuses. No luck.

So I got the bright idea to take off all the old lights and replace them with new LED lights. It took *five* hours-- with wire cutters -- to remove the lights before I turned it over to Sons #1 & 2 for the final hour. (So I could eat dinner at midnight.)

Not only where the strands were wrapped around the branches (which I knew), but there were attached with hundreds of tiny green plastic clips, assorted green twist ties and little green zip ties (which I did not know).

It took another hour this morning to re-string with 450 LED lights (forget wrapping around branches!). So if you come to my house in May and my Christmas tree is still up, it's all because I was too cheap to buy another prelit tree. Seriously, this one is at least 8 years old. I got my money's worth.

Oh, and to see my hands and forearms, you'd think I tried to give a pack of feral cats a bath.

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