Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy 16th Birthday, Son #1

To read his birth story, click here.

You are my night owl with a wry sense of humor. Super smart - you'll either end up dominating the world or solving its major problems. :-) You still love books, video games, all things science. You don't enjoy driving, but you have to put that permit to use and practice, practice, practice. Oh, and you rocked in school. 4.0 + GPA, with 3 honors classes. In school, you ran cross country, track and lettered in wrestling. Once you complete the two final merit badges, you'll be an Eagle Scout. Keep up the good work! We're proud of you and we love you.


Nadine said...

Happy birthday to your son. Wow 16 and driving permits. I remember those days.

Elle*Bee said...

oy vey! Fortunately for us, he's not really into driving. Is your book available on Kindle or Nook?