Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Evacu-cation* - Day 4

* Evacu-cation (ee-vak-yoo-kay-shun) - noun - a trip that starts off by evacuating from a natural disaster, but upon learning that family, home, neighbors are safe, morphs into a mini-vacation. (according to Son #1)

Son #3 especially enjoyed himself. He kept saying he was "living the dream!" No wonder. Here he's getting a poolside massage (courtesy of Dear Hubby).

Isn't this retro McDonald's cute?

Inside McDonald's:

The hotel has a tree-shaded courtyard area with tables so we ate lunch outside one afternoon. Below is our puppy, Max, who dined with us.

Here's Son #3 with our beagle, Scout.


Lorie said...

How did you choose Knoxville and when can you go home? alot of my family lives in KnoxvilleI'm in North Alabama.
Enjoy your blog!
Be blessed!

Sue said...

At least you were able to take the lemons and make lemonade - sounds like everyone had fun once you were able to stop worrying about home.

Elle*Bee said...

Welcome to my blog, lorie. Several days before the storm, I started checking online for pet friendly hotels. Some had a size limit (my puppy is 40 lbs and would've been excluded), others allowed only one pet.

Holiday Inn seemed most generous in their pet policy (not all HIs accept pets, though). I also thought I'd look for Holiday Inns where kids eat free (not knowing how long we'd be gone). Knoxville was the nearest one that had vacancies for that period.

I later learned from the desk manager that ALL Holiday Inns participate in the Kids Eat Free (even if it's not listed among the amenities) so there were probably other hotels closer where we could've stayed.

My husband periodically travels to Birmingham. We're big fans of Alabama, too.

Yes, sue, initially it was daunting to think that we have one minivan, 3 kids, two dogs, a guinea pig. It's hard to condense 20+ years of memories into a few remaining cubic feet, but you do the best you can, take one good look around (it may be your last) and move on. Once we did that, it was easier to count our blessings.

palmtreefanatic said...

making the most of the situation, looks like you did that!
great family photos!