Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wii Exercise

Before I start, let me say, wow! I didn't realize what a slacker blogger I've become. My sincere apologies to the two people who still read my blog. I'll try to do better.

And so I begin:

You may recall that I joined a little fitness center a couple of months ago. I still so, but I've only been averaging twice a week because 1) I prefer to go in the mornings, and 2) with the impending holidays, my mornings have been pretty busy.

Anyway, I usually warm up for 10 or so minutes on the elliptical bike (which I hate) before hitting the weights (which I love). A cardio workout is very important though.

This past weekend I caught sight of Dear Hubby and Son #1 playing "boxing" on the Nintendo Wii. Both were working up a sweat and getting a bit winded, so I thought, hmmmmm...

Monday morning after Dear Hubby has gone to work and the kids are off at school, I thought I'd check it out. After selecting my profile (my Mii), I start the game. Controller in my right hand, nunchuk in my left. There are hints on how to protect my face, my body, how to dodge a hit, etc. So I'm bobbing and weaving, jabbing and punching. I'm getting into it. Then the fight starts. WHAT???? That wasn't a boxing match? I'm that pooped after the tutorial???

I manage to box a few couple of rounds - about 10 minutes total. I'll say this. It IS quite the cardio work out if you do it correctly (i.e. actually move your body). Today my shoulders, underarms (goodbye, 'bingo arms'!), and obliques are quite sore. Go figure.

That said, if my kids ever find out (hey, I'm level 425, whatever that means), they'll never let me live it down. However, my mother got the kids an extra nunchuk for Christmas so I'll be able to box another human being, rather than the computer-generated characters. Something tells me I'll get the snot beat out of me by a 5-year old - on the Wii, of course. He loves his mommy. Really, he does.

So, which sounds more impressive should anyone ask:

a) I spend my days playing video games on the Wii, or
b) What's wrong with my shoulder? Oh, it's nothing, really. Just a boxing injury. :-D


Sue said...

Ohh I'm jealous! I think I want a Wii!!

Both sound equally impressive to me.

Jules said...

My niece has one and we played with it on Thanksgiving. It was so much fun.!! I love the bowling! Have you done the fitness challenge yet? If you haven't practice playing baseball, tennis and bowling first and the next day do the test! Let me know what they say your fitness age is and then I will tell you mine!


Elle*Bee said...

sue, I'm actually having more fun with the Wii sports and the game disk that came with the Wii than I am all the other games they have. It is pretty fun. (or funny.)

jules, I did the fitness challenge before my first boxing match on Monday. My 'fitness' age: 75!!!! You're right about practicing. I'm pretty good at bowling and okay at tennis, but I don't play baseball (Wii or the real kind) so that's what messed me up. All I can say is I look damn good for a 75 year old woman! :-D

Tracey said...

Yeah! That's the idea behind the Wii, right? To get people up and moving? Cool. Keep it up. It' better than MY latest obsession which is playing on my son's Webkinz site. Pathetic...

Jules said...

LOL! Me too! I am 49!! Ugh.. I can't wait to see my niece again so that I can improve my Wii fitness age!