Monday, December 24, 2007

Where is Santa Now?

My kids have been having a blast with this:

That's right, NORAD (the missile defense folks) is tracking Santa's whereabouts on this beautiful Christmas Eve.

Below the map is a link to Santa Cam videos on YouTube. Fun for the younger kids, but unlikely to fool the older ones.

We're getting ready to go to vigil mass this evening to celebrate Jesus' birthday. (With younger kids, I find they focus better in church on Christmas Eve since they don't yet have the distractions of all the presents and goodies that come on Christmas Day.) Later, we'll go to my sister-in-law's hours for hors d'ouvres. Afterwards, we'll come home, bake cookies for Santa, check the Norad site and if Santa's approaching the southern U.S., it's lights out for us! ;-)

Merry Christmas to all!

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