Thursday, October 25, 2007


We joined a modest fitness center earlier this month and I finally got around to going on Wednesday. Suffice it to say it's been way too long since I've exercised and I'm feeling it now.

I rode the recumbent bike for a bit to warm up, worked with weights, then rode the bike again to cool down. I was pretty pleased with myself for sticking it out for longer than five minutes, but I forgot to take into account that the fitness center is on the second floor of a gymnastics studio. No elevator. Trying to maneuver down the stairs on my now-jello legs was a workout in itself.

I'm supposed to go back tomorrow but I'm pretty sore. (I'll probably go, but I'll take it a little easier than I did yesterday.)

I'm no longer a Weight Watchers member. I hit a plateau before summer started (I had lost 18 lbs). I haven't gained any back since then, but I think I've lost all I can just by portion control and counting points. It's time to - gasp! - exercise! Ironically, I did lose two pounds since quitting WW three weeks ago. Go figure.


Nadine said...

Exercise is a bad word. :) I give you credit for going in the first place.

Sue said...

Yay Elle! Can you send some of your motivation my way (if you have any to spare)?

Elle*Bee said...

So true (about it being a bad word), nadine.

Sorry, sue, it takes every little bit I can muster just to get out the door. ;-)