Saturday, May 26, 2007

Snot Stew ?

This was the chorus we heard tonight on the way home from the restaurant: Is Not, Is Too, Is Not, Is Too, S'Not, S'Too...Snot Stew. I don't know why I found it amusing. They weren't seriously arguing, just goofing off.

The dinner was a celebratory one. We had our camp swim tests today and did well. I don't recall if I mentioned it in my blog, but I've volunteered to help out at Son #2's Cub Scout Day Camp the week of June 4-8. Son #2's best friend's mother (UberMom) volunteered last year and again this year, so I thought I'd step up too. What the hell was I thinking? I hate to sweat, I hate bugs. It's going to be a lovely week indeed. UberMom and I are going to be Co-den leaders. We also signed up Son #3, and UberMom's daughter for the "Gator Bite" program for younger siblings. Being the wonderful moms that we are, we also signed up Son #1 and UberMom's oldest son as junior volunteers (Son #1 and Uber's Son #1 are in the same Boy Scout Troop). At least I won't be suffering alone. Kidding. It will be fun. Really.

In order to participate in any of the water activities at Day Camp, one must pass the swim test in the lake at the camp grounds. Water shoes are required, goggles are prohibited. No underwater swimming. The water is so murky that the lifeguards want everyone swimming on top of the water, which I completely understand. However, underwater swimming is probably my best method, next to dog paddling (also prohibited for reasons I do not know).

So today I ventured into my first dip in a lake in 25 years. Heck, in the past decade my only "swimming" has consisted of bobbing around a pool with a toddler in my arms. I asked one of the lifeguards to swim along side me. Truth be told, I didn't think I'd have real trouble (after all, I could call it quits and dog paddle back to shore). However, it seemed sort of lonely swimming 25 yards from the shore to the buoy and back again - 50 yards round trip - and I wanted someone to chat with.

I did pretty well until I was about one-third the way back to shore. At that point it hit me: 1) my legs are pretty out of shape, and 2) those water shoes are heavy when they're wet. What's the old saying about the duck? Gliding serenely atop the water, paddling like the dickens under the surface. Yep, that's me. I muddled through. I swam the last 20 feet or so with one leg straight down waiting for my little toes to touch the ground. Dear Hubby and other folks that I knew said I did great and it looked effortless. Little did they know.... It took a good twenty minutes for my leg muscles to quit spasming so I could walk again.

However, I think I did quite well for a non-athletic, 35+ year old (those who know me can quit snickering), swim-lesson drop out. :-)

Son #2 also did the swim test, but he struggled and was classified as a "beginner." He'll be able to participate in most water activities at day camp but he'll have to wear a life jacket. He'll also have the opportunity to develop his skills and re-test during the week, if he so chooses.

Son #1's swim test was different. In addition to volunteering at day camp, he is also attending Boy Scout Camp later in June and the Boy Scout swim test is 100 yards. Son #1 struggled mightily with it last year (click here to read about it) and barely passed. Boy Scouts' test is either pass or fail. The troop had a swim test a couple of weeks ago in a swimming pool (clear water, water shoes not required). Son #1 gave it a try, but panicked and decided he didn't want to continue the test. I was actually surprised that he would even try the test in the lake - not being able to see the bottom can be very intimidating to some people. Yet try he did.

One of the adult leaders swam along side Son #1 and he closed his eyes and swam three laps between buoys (25 yards per lap), then swam the 25 laps from the buoy to the shore. It was a sight to behold. His technique is awkward (he's hypotonic), but his persistence is amazing. Woo Hoo!

Dear Hubby also did the Boy Scout swim test since he'll attend camp with Son #1. Dear Hubby is athletic (running, biking) but he too struggled a bit. In his defense, he has a case of bursitis in his hip and his doctor said not to exercise for two weeks. Today was the end of the two week break and probably not the best time to swim 100 yards. Nevertheless, he completed the test.

Son #3 didn't have to take the swim test because he's too young to participate in the waterfront activities. (He's 5.)


Nadine said...

I don't swim so doing it in a lake would scare me - a pool ok (only if my feet can touch the bottom). I'm sure you'll have fun with the kids and do a great job being a den mom.

Sue said...

Way to go Elle & family! Sounds like everyone will have fun at camp this summer...

And I'm not crazy about lake swimming. Luckily we're close enough to the beach (ok, Long Island Sound) so that's where we usually end up.

Shionge said...

So glad you participated and involved in their activities :) Hey, great bonding for sure Elle :D

~d said...

Of Course Not

(always sounds like: Horse snot)

Elle*Bee said...

nadine & Sue , when I was young, I spent my summers swimming in an old rock quarry that was converted to a "swimming hole." Although, very deep in some places (60 ft), the water was quite clear. Of course this was 25+ years ago and was probably the last time I swam any significant distance. I enjoyed it though.

Thanks, shionge.

LOL ~d!