Thursday, December 15, 2005

How Did I Get So Busy?

I know it's inevitable this time of year, but we decorated the Saturday after Thanksgiving, the cards were addressed weeks ago (and are in the mail), and I finished my shopping in November (mostly online). I planned it that way so I can spend the week or two before Christmas really focusing on what the season means to me.

Turns out I'm not as well organized as I thought. Now I'm fulfilling my co-room mom duties - the party at school is next Wed. Dec. 21st. Somehow I sort of forgot to add it to my list. Anyway, I'm in charge of our cupcake decorating activity. Of course, I have to complicate things by spending a couple of hours on the internet searching for the cutest reindeer face cupcake. I still haven't narrowed it down from the three pictures I downloaded, but I need to do so soon so I can shop.

In addition, I volunteered to bring veggies and spinach dip to the party next Tuesday for a church ministry that I belong to. A small contribution, I know, but I'm "culinarily challenged."

To top it off, our cub scout pack will be Christmas caroling at a local nursing home so I have to make a compilation CD, download lyrics and print song sheets. It's harder than it seems - there are a lot of great Christmas songs out there, but trying to find a basic version that the kids can keep up with is a challenge. I'm not sure the 8 year olds can hold a note as long as Mariah Carey, know what I mean? Finding a traditional instrumental CD has proven near impossible. There won't be much time to practice, so we want to keep it simple.

Then the scouts are going to hand out handmade Christmas cards to the 120 residents. Some dens have already made cards but since we're expecting a small turnout of scouts, my kids, my neighbor and I will have to make, oh about sixty, to supplement.

'Tis the season...


Jules said...

So sorry that I live so far away and can't help.. I love to bake and make dip..
Crafts on the otherhand..yuck.

Have you tried to look for karoke christmas carol and then just get the lyrics online??

Happy Holiday busy Elle*bee!


Elle*Bee said...

I did find a karaoke CD but I wasn't sure of the format...something like a CD-G or something like that. It was kind of expensive and I saw it while I was on vacation in Va. Couldn't returned it if opened and the guy in the store was I passed.

~d said...

haha I forgot abt our IM converstaion abt Christmas how'd it go?
I totally know what you mean. I thought I was done with shopping, but every time I turn around there is ONE MORE PERSON we forgot. And we CUT BACK this year-or so I thought!
Merry, Merry Elle*Bee to you and yours, from me and mine.

Elle*Bee said...

Thanks ~d! Merry Christmas to you and yours...