Thursday, July 24, 2008

Keeping Busy and Trying to Keep Cool

July in Southeast Louisiana. Temps in the mid 90s, humidity darn close. Yuck.

I've been keeping busy creating some more jewelry items (even though I find it too hot to go outside and photograph them in natural lighting), playing with our puppy (Max), and finishing up our back-to-school shopping.

On an unrelated note, I'm bummed that Ebert and Roeper will no longer be doing their "At The Movies" reviews on TV. Roger Ebert hasn't been on the show since his cancer surgery - a year or two ago? He apparently owns the trade mark "thumbs up" (or "thumbs down") so the current version features Richard Roeper and a guest critic voting to "see it," "skip it" or "rent it." It lacks the panache of "thumbs up," don't you think? Roeper has hinted that he might have his own movie review show on another network in the future.


Nadine said...

That is hot. I hope that you are having fun making your jewelry and it cools down for you.

Elle*Bee said...

Unfortunately, nadine, this is typical for this time of year. By late Sept, the humidity decreases and the temps will drop to the low 80s. I don't even bother buying the boys long pants for school this early. They'll outgrow them before it turns cool (November-ish). I miss living in Va. where we had 4 seasons.

Lala's world said...

wow that is soooooooooooo hot!!

Sue said...

I wish we had some of that weather. Send it our way. This summer we've only had 2 heat waves (3 or more consecutive days of 90 degree heat). It's either cool (by which I mean in the low 80's with low humidity) or rainy (with wicked thunderstorms). I like the heat and humidity for some crazy reason.

Stay cool!

Elle*Bee said...

Yes, it is lala,.

Sue, daily thunderstorms are pretty typical here, but it has been a drier than usual summer (at least until a couple of days ago). It'll only get worse in Aug. Sept/Oct will still have high temps but the humidity should decrease.