Tuesday, January 16, 2007

~*~*~*~ VACATION ~*~*~*~

Well, I booked our family vacation yesterday. Guess where we're going next month? I'll give you a hint:

M - I - C (see you real soon)
K - E - Y (why? because we like you!)

Besides revealing my age, did you guess? We're going to Disney, baby! Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL to be precise. I went when I was little back when they first opened. No one else in the family has ever been. I don't know who's more excited - Dear Hubby (who's a big kid himself), me or the kids. Actually, scratch that. Dear Hubby and I are much more excited...because we haven't told the kids where we're going. All they know is that we'll be sleeping in a hotel somewhere in the continental U.S. for 6 nights and that no, we're not visiting Grammy in Washington, DC. I hope I can keep my big mouth shut.

When I was booking the trip the Disney agent told me to be sure that we visit guest services at every park we visit and tell them that we're celebrating Son #3's birthday (we'll arrive on his bday) and there may be a special treat for him. We love special treats!

More later...


Nicole said...

Oh that sounds like so much fun. I want to take a vacation this summer too. Your kids are going to be SO excited!! What an awesome 3rd birthday present.

Anonymous said...

How fun! The kids will be so excited...I've never been there. I did go to Disney Land in Ca. I've been to Fl but not there.

Elle*Bee said...

Actually, nicole, Son #3 will turn 5. That's such a great age to go, I think. He's old enough that I won't have to carry him (much), but also old enough that he'll probably have some memory of the trip. The older two will love it, too!

flip flop mamma, I went to Disney World the first year they opened, when they only had Magic Kingdom. As it is now, I'm getting overwhelmed trying to plan our itinerary.

Waffle Lady said...

We've done DW twice in the last two years and if you need help, just ask! Make sure to call call call today if you need dining ressies and take strollers for the kids - they get tired. Seriously, try to have fun and not get too overwhelmed. Check out www.disboards.com for GREAT tips. (can you tell I am a bit obesses with all things Disney?)

Sue said...

Elle, how awesome for everyone! I agree - call today for your dinner reservations if you want to sit down and not have "fast food" type food.

Take tons of pictures! Are you staying in a Disney hotel?