Thursday, September 01, 2005

My House Seems Okay...

I had a brief phone conversation with Dear Hubby. He's just packing up a few things and will be leaving our Mandeville home to return to us in Lafayette, LA. The call kept disconnecting, but the gist is this:

Our house seems to be missing a bunch of shingles - he went into attic and it's dry, so he put a few buckets in there to catch water in case it rains and put a tarp on the roof. Parts of our fence are leaning, but otherwise most of our street looks good. There are some trees leaning on houses, but they haven't crashed through the roofs. A couple of my neighbors have stayed behind and will keep an eye on things.

Thanks Jules for posting an update that ~D and family are okay and that their house didn't sustain any significant damage, either. I've said it many times, and I'll say it again...We're blessed.


Jules said...

I am so glad that you, your family and your home is safe. I did let ~D's hubby know that you are ok and in Lafayette. I will keep you posted if and when I hear more!
Be safe!
Love you,

Elle*Bee said...

thanks, Jules.