Monday, July 25, 2005

The blotches are back!

The dot themed template I've selected seems particularly fitting today. If the ones on my blog background were pink, they'd match the ones on Zack's arms and legs. Zack (he's 3) had a bout of hives that started on July 8th and got progressively worse. Hives can be triggered by any number of things: allergies, bug bites, stress, hidden illness. Fortunately, his aren't the itchy kind. Benedryl helped only slightly.

I took him to the doctor on July 11th and he couldn't find any sign of illness nor had Zack been exposed to anything new that we could think of. He's been eating the same favorite foods, and we've been using the same household products, laundry detergent, etc. Doc recommended Clarinex Redi-Tabs. Those buggers are expensive but they only need to be taking once a day and they really worked!

After several blotch-free days, the doc said to discontinue the med, which we did on July 20th. No problems until last night. To compound matters, Zack is having his adenoids removed tomorrow. "A minor outpatient procedure," they say. Yeah, right - until it's YOUR kid. His surgeon says that the hives wouldn't affect the outcome of the surgery so we're proceeding as planned. It's scheduled for noon. Zack can't eat after midnight tonight, so he's going to be one cranky, hungry - not to mention, blotchy - baby tomorrow afternoon when he wakes up.


~d said...

Isn't is funny how at 3 1/2 they are so grown up, but still your little baby?
Good luck tomorrow, you know I will be thinking of you.

Elle*Bee said...

Thanks! Someone said they'll *always* be your baby and I'm starting to believe it.